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Panagiotis Andronikidis
Anixis 6-8, GR-17123 N.Smirni, Athens, Greece

 mob. +30 6940004843

e-mail: neropan@gmail.com

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Contact Improvisation Jam "MAZI" ("Together")

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Profession: Physical Educator for Disabled Persons, teaching Mobility since 1987 (CV, in greek)
Connected to Contact Improvisation since 1996. I have taken several contact classes mainly in Athens, Berlin and Freiburg.
For a period of time I was teaching contact-like, motor experiences to the group I worked with and from time to time C.I classes.
I have taken part in 2002, 2004, 2008 Freiburg Festivals,
workshops with:
Riccardo Morrison (several lessons and workshops Athens, Berlin 2004),
Daniel Lepkoff (Contact Improvisation Performance, Freiburg 2002 & Physical Dialogues, Berlin 2006),
Stephanie Maher (Wide Spectrum, Freiburg 2004),
Carl Frost (Poetry of Movement, Athens),
Benno Voorham (Athens),
Ray Eliot Schwartz(Athens),
Gesine Daniels (Berlin 2004, Bonn 2007),
Jess Curtis (Performing Contact Improvisation, Berlin 2006),
Andrew Harwood (Athens 2006).
Sahar Dor (Solo Improvisational Performance, Potsdam 2008, Thesaloniki 2009),
Elske Seidel (2008),
Jörg Hassmann (2008),
Javier Cura (Contact Tango into Physical Theatre, 2008)
S. Maher & K. Hermesdorf / Intersect– (Integrate Partnering & Repertory, Ponderosa festival 2008)
Rosalind Crisp (Choreographic Improvisation Workshop, LaborGras, Berlin 2008 )
Bernd Ka (Opening your senses for Contact and Instant composition - Improvising for an audience, Freiburg 2008)
Keith A. Thompson (Short Movement Studies of Choreography, LaborGras, Berlin 2008 )
Short time workshops with Sasha Bezrodnova, Angella Donye, Ruslan Baranov (Santah), (Moscow, February - March 2009)
Julyen Hamilton, (Athens, June 2009)
In 2004 I took part in ECITE Congress held in Athens.

latest Workshops:
Kitt Johnson, Samuel Lefeuvre, Bread and Pappets co.

'The Old History of Modern Greek Dance', lecture performance in Athens (June 2008) with the 'Lathos Kinisi' Dance Company (Konstantinos Mihos), during 7th Greek Choreographers Dance Festival 
'Homeland?' Solo performance, Ponderosa Festival 2008
'Don't Touch Me There!' impro performance with Linda Priha, Ponderosa Festival 2008
'Don't Touch Me There! 2' impro performance, with So Young Lee, Freiburg Contact Festival 2008, photos
'Don't Let Me Down' improvisational duet with Sasha Bezrodnova, Athens Street day 2008
'Ermou Str. Surfing' improvisational trio with Sasha Bezrodnova and Alexander Dragoni, Athens Street day 2008
Organizer of the Athens Contact Impro Jam (Oct 2007-Mar 2008 and Oct 2008- March 2009, Sept.2009- today,@various studios)

Assistant of the choreographer Patricia Lazou for the performance "the Garden of Punishment", during 8th Greek Choreographers Dance Festival (28-31.05.09).

Performances in alternative spaces: "Homeland?", "BoDIE$", " I Love You" (June 2009, Athens)

Kypseli Municipal Agora (Athens), july 2009,info

"Ούτ’ ορφανό, ούτε φτωχόν, ούτ’ απ’ τα ξένα ξένον", agit prop perf. about labor accidents, director Helena Patrikiou, Kavala 19.09.09, info (in greek)

TO BE TO DO, TO DO TO BE |do be do be do|performance duet. Greek Choreographers Dance Festival
Athens,26.05.2010. photo

"WHERE DO YOU COME FROM?" Solo performance, Athens, 2011, photos

TO BE TO DO, TO DO TO BE |do be do be do|performance duet.Greek Choreographers Dance Festival, Athens,05.2011.photos1

"Ούτ’ ορφανό, ούτε φτωχόν, ούτ’ απ’ τα ξένα ξένον", agit prop perf. about labor accidents, director Helena Patrikiou, Athens,07.10.2011, extented info+poster

from late September 2009, working with the group ELANADISTIKANOUME organizing and directing events, performances, jams etc.
Contact improvisation teacher in Athens info

latest performances:

THREE PENNY OPERA, performance, Athens,17.03.2012, photos

DANCE, performance, Athens, 29.04.2012

TO BE TO DO, TO DO TO BE |do be do be do|performance duet. Greek Choreographers Dance Festival, Athens,30.05.2012.

PRESENT BODIES IN CONTACT, a contact improvisation performance, Greek Choreographers Dance Festival , Athens, June 10-13 2012, info

ΣΩΜΑphrase-DANCING the TRANSLATION,SITE SPECIFIC WORKSHOP/performance, Andros isl.,Aug 16-31 2012, info

PASStresPASS 2012, community project (ELANADISTIKANOUME+TMDAS), Sept 2012, performances in Korinthos and Athens(EMPROS theater)

"FOVOS"(fear), performance,old Athens airport,sept 28-30,6-7 oct 2012, info

PASStresPASS 2013, community project (ELANADISTIKANOUME+TMDAS), May 20-June 10 2013, performances at Antiracist festival June 28+29 2013

ΣΩΜΑphrase - DANCING the TRANSLATION,Site Specific Workshop/performances, Andros isl.GR, July 1-7 2013 

Performance @ 1st Site Specific Festival, "Vyrsodepsio", July 2013

"Roots" Performance,choreography, performers: Angelina Papadopoulou, Tapha Diaw 29.3.2015 info

  PASStresPASS 2015, community project (ELANADISTIKANOUME+TMDAS), June-July 2015, Site specific performances in several sites.

UrbanDig Project, performer "1st inhabitant"  Ohi Pezoume co.,Dourgouti island Hotel. info photo photo 

"ROOTS", co-choreography/performance, prod.ELANADISTIKANOUME/Panagiotis Andronikidis and ENNIAMORFO/Teti Nikolopoulou, Choreographers festival 2015, Dance Vacuum, ART63, May 2015-Jan 2016
(ongoing project)